Top Rated Flashlights for 2016

Top Rated Flashlights for 2016The flashlight is a useful object that would help you guide your way when you are in a dark situation where your eyes cannot see. The light will show you the right path and the right road. The flashlights from can be used for fun as well. You can use the flashlight to make shadow puppets, a story to play with your kids. Whatever the use of the flashlights it has become an important thing in your life whenever the lights went out in your home or you want to go on a camping trip with your family the flashlight is always there, waiting to become useful to you.

There are many different kinds of flashlight in every store you will see. They all come in different shapes and sizes, and they have different brands to differentiate them from the rest. Let us check which the top rated flashlights are for 2016

  1. Ultra Bright Cree Voidhawk- its special features that impresses the customers is the brightness. It is an ideal choice for hunters, law enforcement, and fisherman, or just anyone who is prepared for any situation.

  2. Surefire P2X Fury- it is reliable and very bright, it is used for law enforcement and Special Forces. It can withstand any harsh situation especially the tempered glass window for it can handle any damage that is dealt with.

  3. FlashTorch 4100- it has the estimated 2000 hour life span and it is very powerful enough to guide you when you are stuck in a dark place.

  4. Fenix PD35- its special feature is the convenient size, powerful light and it’s very tough and durable.

  5. StreamlightProTac 2AAA- its pen-like shape is very convenient for you to carry with feeling burden of the weight, and its slim body looks like a pen thus it is easy for you keep it in your pocket. And it’s light is bright and can last longer despite its size.

  6. Solaray Pro ZX-1 Professional Series- its unique feature is the zoom in and zoom out by twisting the head the beam of light will adjust into a concentrated tight beam or a wide range light source.

  7. Streamlight Scorpion HL- it is waterproof and has rubber armor like sleeve that makes it an ideal grip for you to hold.

  8. Vizeri VZ230 Tactical- it is robust and affordable flashlight. The beam is also twist-operated so it is secure.

  9. Moobibear MD002- it has an anti-roll, slip resistant body. This is a tactile type flashlight that has a AC adapter and DC charger for conveniences.

  10. Inova X5DM HB- it may not have a strong powerful light but it is easy for you to carry in your daily kit. It also has 5 LEDS 31 lumens in high mode you can switch by dialing it down to 7 lumens for reading purposes or less for intensive need.

This are the top rated flashlights for 2016 listed above including its special, unique feature where you can choose which one of them that suited to your needs.